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Home Support Services

The selection of an appropriate Home Support Services provider takes time and research.  A needs assessment of the individual provides an evaluation whether the person's needs can be safely met at home and can also ascertain eligibility for government funded Home Support Services. 

Although not typically not funded, a Case Manager will arrange for and authorize payment for the most appropriate Home Support Services, if eligible.

If not eligible for funded Home Support Services, you should contact the various Home Support Services providers in your area directly.

Here are some questions to ask when speaking to a Home Support Services provider of interest:

  1. What Home Support Services are offered?
  2. Are there any costs associated with the Home Support Services offered and if so what are the costs? Are any subsidies available?
  3. When are the Home Support Services available - weekdays or weekends, morning, afternoon or evening; is there a minimum number of hours?
  4. What are the hours of operation? Is there someone available to answer Home Support Services questions or respond to a Home Support Services crisis?
  5. How often are the Home Support Services needs of the individual assessed and their care plan evaluated?
  6. Will the same person be providing Home Support Services to your loved one?
  7. What qualifications does the person have?
  8. What happens if the person providing the Home Support Services becomes ill or does not show up?
  9. Is the Home Support Services provider a member of any industry associations or organizations which strive to ensure its members provide quality Home Support Services?
  10. Is the home care worker bonded and insured?

It's also a good idea to visit the offices of the service Home Support Services provider - is the Home Support Services office professional in appearance, clean and well organized? You can tell a great deal about a Home Support Services provider by the condition of their premises.

Also, ask for client references so you can contact them to ask about their level of satisfaction with the Home Support Services provider.

Feel free to contact us at Care Connect 1-800-311-CARE (2273) or info@thecareguide.com should you have any questions or require further assistance in finding appropriate home support services.

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