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Locate providers that offer Home Care services in the province of your choice:

British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan
Manitoba Ontario Quebec
Nova Scotia New Brunswick  


Home Care refers to a wide range of services from home making supports to personal care and nursing care.

Most home care may be government funded or private pay.  A Policy Brief by the Canadian Healthcare Association, titled "Home Care in Canada: From the Margins to the Mainstream" 2009, concludes that "the provision of home care appears to be shifting from the public to the private sector, and, in cases where clients are unable to pay for private care or it is unavailable, the informal caregiver must shoulder more responsibility for care."  It is provided to help older adults stay at home or to get them out of hospital or rehabilitation beds.

If you want funded home care for yourself or a parent, you need to go through your province's central access system to see if you qualify for funded care.

Private pay services are on the increase as more families deal with caring for a parent.  After you've exhausted funded care, additional help can be accessed directly through the provider of your choice.

The services offered may vary from one provider to the next, so make sure you get the right provider to meet all of your needs.

Medical care services are delivered by health care caregivers trained to handle most medical conditions.  They may include live-in home care to offer temporary or around-the-clock support to clients, 7 days a week, including nursing care and respite care.  Complex Care service handles all of your more complex needs and allows you to stay in your home as long as you want.  .

Personal and non-medical services provide support for a wide range of activities and needs.  These would include, but are not limited to, home support, medication reminders, and assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing, transfers, personal care, incontinence or providing companionship such as long talks over coffee and a crossword, leisurely walks, or other fun activities and special outings.  

Home maintenance provides assistance with some or all of your household needs and everyday activities such as shopping, meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, laundry, vacuuming and ironing.  These are typically not funded srvices.

Governments usually do not fund the home making type of services.  Funded home care is available for more specialized services, or may be covered under existing insurance schemes, although Ontario recently announced a means test for funded home care as a cost containment initiative.

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