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Internet usage among older adults is still low, although recent gains demonstrate that is changing, but you still need to reach older adults through the printed word.  

The Care Guide and thecareguide.com allow you to reach this demographic through cost effective advertising with combined pricing.

Internet Usage by Older Adults Growing
As of April 2012, 53% of American adults ages 65 and older use the internet or email, according to Pew Research Associates.  

“These gains are significant, after several years of very little growth among this group.  In August of 2008, 38% of adults ages 65 and older were online; by August of 2011, the share of seniors using the internet or email at least occasionally had barely inched up to 41%. However, by February of 2012 the number of online seniors had bumped up to 48%.  In the latest survey, conducted in April of 2012, 53% said they used the internet or email. 

Many advertisers have relied on the internet only in their advertsising and marketing efforts, at their own peril, according to this research.  Care Planning Partners has conducted its own surveys that indicate adult children of seniors influence the life choices of their parents 80% of the time, but the adoption of internet usage by that demographic, generally considered to be the 45 to 64 or 50 to 64 year segment is not universal. According to Pew Research Associates, 77% of that group use the internet.  Usage by those over 75, and more likely the over 80 segment, drops off significantly.

Usage by those over 75, and more likely the over 80 segment, drops off significantly.

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