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  • Keeping Safe with Safety Aids

    Many of the products on the market today can make your life easier, more enjoyable and safer. Many are not very expensive, and some would make nice gifts. These products…   more ]
  • Hip Protection helps in Reducing Hip Fractures

    Tips to Protect your Hips Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization amongst Canadian seniors. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Seniors Fall Second Report, 20-30% of…   more ]
  • Internet Usage among Older Adults Growing Slowly

    Internet usage among older adults is still low, although recent gains demonstrate that is changing, but you still need to reach older adults through the printed word.   The Care…   more ]
  • Preventing Falls

    Preventing Falls The good news is that falls are not a natural consequence of growing older.  Steps can be taken to prevent falls by identifying the major risk factors and…   more ]
  • The Facts About Assistive Devices

    As age advances, some seniors experience discomfort or fear when doing activities they enjoyed in their younger years.  If this is happening to you, an assistive device may help you…   more ]