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These services consist of learning and recreational activities for seniors that encourage community involvement and, many times intergenerational contact.  Often referred to as, "Older Adult Centres or Senior Centres", these organizations serve a range of people including, those who are very healthy to those who need more assistance but are still living in their homes. Seniors are directly involved in operating the Older Adult Centre, by serving on the board of directors, advising on program planning, and serving as volunteers.

Community Support Services are funded by various sources, including:

  •           the government (provincial and/or municipal)
  •           donations to voluntary organizations (who often deliver these types of services)
  •           private insurance or benefit plans (e.g. private health insurance)
  •           the individual (e.g. by purchasing services privately)

It is quite common for seniors wanting to stay in their home to find solutions by mixing different sources for delivering and funding services.

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