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Caregiving is a rewarding but very difficult task!  It's so difficult to remain compassionate when the demands are unremitting.  Even a short break can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.  Research has shown that frequent breaks of short duration are more beneficial than occasional breaks of longer duration.  Less readjustment time is required on behalf of the caregiver and their loved one when the breaks are short and regular. 

Many individuals attend a Centre for twice or even three times a week.  The most immediate and obvious benefit to the caregiver is the respite that this regular five hour break from responsibilities presents.  Respite is only one of the many benefits that come with attendance at an Adult Day Centre. 

Each Centre typically has a nurse who is responsible for health care monitoring.  This can help to reduce the frequency of visits to the doctor's office for routine monitoring.  Weight, medication management and blood pressure are only a few of the concerns that are tracked by the Adult Day Centre nurse.  There are opportunities to participate in foot care and flu shot clinics and the nurse is always available to give advice and listen to concerns.  

A full range of therapeutic activities is made available to each client.  The types of therapeutic programming are dependant upon the client needs and interests.  Each day, attendees are also encouraged to participate in a therapeutic exercise program that is adapted to their needs. 

The many psychosocial benefits of attendance add value to the Adult Day Centre experience.  There is an opportunity to participate in community events and to form new friendships.  The Centres also offer programs that develop social skills and provide emotional and psychological support. 

This service is available in most communities.  It is not often advertised, since the Centres are usually operated by registered charities or non-profit agencies that are under contract to provide the service to a specific geographic area.  You can learn more about this valuable service by contacting your local Community Health Centre or Health Authority.  Why not call today to take advantage of the many benefits an Adult Day Centre can offer you and your loved one?  Care and support are just a telephone call away.

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