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  • Caregiving: Understanding the Needs

    Try to set up the caregiving routine to meet the needs and mood of your older relative.  Don't force him or her to take part in activities they don't want…   more ]
  • Caring for a Wandering Alzheimer's Person at Home

    Wandering around the house by a person with Alzheimer's may be irritating to the caregiver, but not necessarily unsafe.  In this case, you as caregiver, may need to adjust your anxiety…   more ]
  • You and Your Aging Parents

    Becoming a caregiver to parents involves major changes for all concerned - physically, emotionally, socially and financially.  Learning to cope with the changes in a healthy way is important to…   more ]


  • Home Safety Checklist

    Solutions For Better Aging Home Safety Checklist for seniors is a tool for caregivers to assess possible hazards and functional performance within the home environment.  It allows them to initiate…   more ]
  • Adult Day Centres: An Important Resource For Caregivers

    Caregiving is a rewarding but very difficult task!  It's so difficult to remain compassionate when the demands are unremitting.  Even a short break can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. …   more ]
  • Increasing Frailty

    As we age, increasing frailties, caused by various conditions such as heart disease and stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, vision deterioration, arthritis, diabetes, incontinence and others results in our…   more ]
  • Technology and the Senior

    When discussing the care of an aging parent, we tend to focus on the hands on caregiving tasks like preparing meals, and bathing. With so many families separated by distance,…   more ]
  • Thank You to Long Term Care Home Caregivers!

    The last few weeks have brought a couple more horrific stores of elder abuse in well-established long-term care homes. It tears at your heart to hear what was endured by…   more ]