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As a downsizing specialist, you would think that with my knowledge and experience of helping people clear out their homes that I would have the perfectly decluttered home. Well, that’s a funny story.

With the last of my three daughters finally leaving home and moving into a home of her own I thought that she would want to take some of our furniture. However, she has her own style, and she kindly declined any of the furniture I had saved all these years for just such a moment.

My own house has been the recipient of many generations of furniture; my mother’s wing back chair from England (more about that later); my Nanna’s Victorian day-bed; the furniture my parents sent me 35 years ago from England and 15 years ago from Florida, and…you get the picture.

I finally looked at all our old furniture, and thought I should follow my own advise: It was finally time to let go of my own things.

This spring, we said goodbye to a sofa-bed and two reclining chairs from Florida, a large 25-year old 3-seater, another sofa from England, two comfy chairs, a double bed, old china with chips and cracks, odd glassware, sheets and towels, my daughters’ books from university, their test cards from school, their sticker albums and stamp books. And yes, I did check with them first about the sticker albums and test cards from school. I feel empowered and unburdened now that I have let go, which is funny as it’s just what I’ve said to my clients all these years.

By the way, I didn’t get rid of everything. I tell my clients to always hang on to something that is most important to them, like a special chair, painting or collectible. For me, it’s my mother’s wing back chair (I just recovered it).

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