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Meet Mary Ann and Maya...  

The Family Respite Centre (FRC) has a new four-legged friend! Each Saturday our weekend guests are visited by  BC Pets and Friends Volunteer Mary Ann and her dog Maya. When clients spend time at the FRC, they may have had to leave a pet at home, or ailing health might mean they had to give up their beloved pets. A visit with Mary Ann and Maya can do wonders for their sense of wellbeing and can help make the FRC feel more like home.

Maya is a rescue dog all the way from Mexico. Pets have to pass behavior tests to ensure they are a good fit to be a Pets and Friends visitor. Luckily, Maya is very calm and good natured. BC Pets and Friends believes that "pet visitation helps relieve stress, increase optimism, and address the basic human need for companionship (positive interaction, physical affection and acceptance)". We know our residents thoroughly enjoy their visits and we are very excited to have Mary Ann and Maya as part of our volunteer team! 

Care BC is a non-profit organization committed to building healthy communities since 1898. Our programs include Western & Chinese Meals on Wheels, Health Promotion Services, the Family Respite Centre, and the Community Integration.

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