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The Ministry of Health has announced changes in the way that physiotherapy will be funded, Effective August 1 2013 the current funding system will change.

Information about physiotherapy services in non-hospital settings by Designated Physiotherapy Clinics (DPCs)

  • Physician referral
  • Aged 65 older
  • Age 19 and younger
  • Any age in Long Term Care home
  • Any age in their home if required by medical condition, illness, injury or hospitalized overnight as a inpatient

Physiotherapy services only covered by OHIP if in or by a DPC
(excluding Long Term Care Home)

In LTC residents may access Insured Physiotherapy services ordered by a physician and/or attending nurse.

OHIP  pays $12.20/ visit
OHIP pays initial visit $24.40
DPCs may charge patients assessment fees (not paid OHIP)

If you are in a retirement home or seniors apt, your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will be responsible for ensuring access to appropriate government funded physiotherapy.  You may wish to continue with your current physiotherapist and pay privately.

Seniors will have access to exercise classes and falls prevention programs in their community.

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