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The move from your family home after many years of having raised a family there, added your own touch is a difficult decision. It may be that the house is too big for you, or the effort needed to maintain your home becomes too much, or it may be that it is no longer easy for you to negotiate a flight of stairs or you have decided that a retirement home is the right place for you.

Although we are not real estate professionals, we attempt to give you some guidance in our real estate section based on professional advice and experience.

Since most people who consider moving into a retirement home will have to sell their homes before the move, we give you some advice on selling or provide links to professionals who are accredited in dealing with an older adult segment.  Check out our ten tips on downsizing and moving.

We provide some insights into senior housing in our discussion of life-lease projects, which are gaining in popularity and hope to have providers and their communities listed on the site soon.

Many not for profit organizations offer this type of ownership on a campus that also features retirement or long term care, so that you don’t have to move from the familiarity of the community and friends.

Statesman Lifecare in Calgary offers a form of life-lease and also offers some supportive services to make life easier for the older adult.

Condominium ownership has proven to be very popular for the last ten years and appears to be a great way to get rid of the chores of maintaining your own place. Unfortunately very few offer the ability to get some supportive services or to age in place. British Columbia offers a few condominium or strata ownership buildings in a community that may also offer supports. In Ontario, only Hearthstone by the Lake in Burlington and Hearthstone by the Bay in Etobicoke currently offer this type of ownership, along with some supportive services for the older adult.

Usually, assisted living units are not offered the ownership option, primarily because those who need assisted living are trying to simplify their affairs.

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