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  • All You Need To Know About Life Insurance

    Let's review the only two kinds of life insurance that you need to know about. Temporary Insurance This is called "term insurance," which means you own it for a defined…   more ]
  • Insurance for Retirement

    During our working lives, we protect ourselves and our families and businesses against premature death, serious illness and injury. We carry life insurance and disability insurance and, while we may…   more ]
  • Enjoy the trip. Don't forget your health insurance!

    One of the benefits of retirement for those who have planned prudently is the freedom and ability to travel extensively. As with most worthwhile activities, travel offers both benefits and…   more ]
  • Plan for Living or Will Illness Destroy your Retirement?

    We close our eyes and we dream.  We dream about foreign travel and exotic locations.  We dream of a quiet country home and peaceful surroundings.  We dream of a stress-free…   more ]
  • Universal Health Insurance System in Canada

    As the name implies, our health care system covers many, but not all of our health needs. It is provincially administered and the federal government contributes to its financing. But,…   more ]