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About Planning and Getting Your Affairs in Order

In our planning section we provide some useful articles about planning - both for your retirement and in your retirement.  We strongly urge you to seek professional advice - mainly because we can’t possibly envisage every situation and circumstance and the articles are intended mainly for guidance and point you to people who can advise on your particular circumstance.

We cover a number of planning issues.  We first start with getting yourself or a loved one organized so that all of the relevant information is in one place, safe, secure and as complete as it can be under Getting Your Affairs in Order - Getting Organized.  We then provide some thoughts about the things you own and how these can be dealt with and save some tax dollars under Getting Your Affairs in Order - Wills or Multiple Wills.  Although most of us do not think we will need this, it is important to express you wishes and in a legally binding way should you  become incapacitated or are in a vegetative state, through the use of Getting Your Affairs in Order - Care Plans .  We touch on second marriages, which have become commonplace in modern society.  It is not uncommon for a second marriage to take place somewhat later in life, and at a time when the children of both partners are independent adults under Getting Your Affairs in Order - Marriage Contracts.

Although we are not financial experts, we strive to find useful information in Insurance, Financial Planning and Income Tax as it relates to incentives and tax credits for older adults.

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