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A Plan of Care or Care Plan is, in essence, a road map that provides direction for individualized care to a person in an assisted living setting, and contains the goals and desired outcomes in a client’s condition.  As of January 2014 The Retirement Home Regulation Act (RHRA) requires that all retirement residents must have a documented care plan which is to be reviewed every 6 months.

  • It may be a guide in assigning appropriate staff with specific skills; nursing orders, for example, may include the actions required and the length of time required for particular parts of the plan;
  • It provides for the continuity of care by communicating and organizing the actions of changing staff throughout the day;
  • It provides for periodic evaluation to determine the progress towards the goal;
  • And finally, it serves as documentation of the care given - and the related charges and fees for that care.
  •  if there is NO DOCUMENTATION  there is NO proof the care was provided


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