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Retirement homes play an important role in Toronto. Once we leave the workforce and settle down in our senior years, it is far too easy to become disconnected from co-workers and business contacts that made up much of our social interactions during our working years. The changes an aging body goes through can make it harder to be active and see friends and family.

The loss of a spouse is the single most important event in our lives that forces us to reconsider our living arrangements.

This is one of the reasons why retirement communities are so important. They not only provide full housing but also allow seniors to live alongside and interact with their peers. This helps avoid loneliness and depression, encourages activity, and lets seniors continue to thrive well into their golden years.

Another key benefit of retirement living is that it allow seniors to maintain a sense of independence and privacy. Residents have separate rooms and apartments but can interact freely outside of these quarters. They are able to socialize as much or as little as they prefer. Independence is also highly emphasized and they are free to walk, take the bus most retirement homes offer, or if they still drive, go out and around town as they always could.

Evaluating a Retirement Home

When deciding between retirement communities in Toronto, it can be tricky to effectively compare one residence from another. This is why we at TheCareGuide.com have created our Retirement Home Checklist. This checklist enables you to compare the available services, suite amenities, and building and neighbourhood features of multiple retirement communities on a single page. It is a simple tool that you can bring with you as you explore your options for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. The checklist can be viewed here.

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