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Specialized memory care can be obtained in long term care homes and in private pay assisted living residences.

In most long term care homes, a high percentage of residents suffer from Alzheimer disease or other dementia.  Many live among the general population of these homes.  Some providers indicate that this can be as high as 60%, or more.  A number of long term care homes have dedicated, secure wings for memory care.  Regardless of the setting, the costs involved are the same as long term care costs .

In private pay setting, the cost includes both accommodation and services and as a result, is significantly higher than in a long term care setting, where the care component is funded.  In most instances, the cost is higher than assisted living costs.  This is because of the higher staffing ratio maintained for those with memory care problems.  There are more intensive social activities and programming, specialized environments and because many residents can exhibit behavioural problems, the care and supports can entail greater risk - all of which add to the cost of this type of care.

We indicate that assisted living services customarily adds $850 to $1,000 per month.  In the case of memory care, these costs are $1,600 or more per month than independent supportive living.