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Memory Care


  • Alzheimer Societies across Canada

    The Alzheimer Society is Canada's leading nationwide health charity for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Active in communities right across Canada, the Society offers programs and services…   more ]
  • Memory Care Services

    Memory care is a specialized form of assisted living. In addition to the basic services of meal preparation, social activation and housekeeping and assistance with the activities of daily living…   more ]
  • Caring for a Wandering Alzheimer's Person at Home

    Wandering around the house by a person with Alzheimer's may be irritating to the caregiver, but not necessarily unsafe.  In this case, you as caregiver, may need to adjust your anxiety…   more ]
  • Seniors, Mental Health and Memory Disorders

    Seniors, Mental Health and Memory Disorders Dementia disorders are the most common mental health problem amongst seniors. The following are some symptoms, Prevalence statistics, risk factors, treatment options and outcomes.…   more ]
  • The Full Spectrum of Senior Housing Choices

    The choices available in seniors’ housing include everything from living in your home, with home care, to progressively higher levels of support as we age.  Independent living  with minimal services…   more ]


  • Retirement Home Checklist

    When calling or visiting a prospective Independent/Supportive Living, Retirement or Assisted Living Residence, this checklist will help to ensure that you ask the necessary questions, allow you to keep notes…   more ]
  • Alzheimer or Memory Care

    View the list of Memory Care providers by city in the province of your choice: British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia   Newfoundland & Labrador      …   more ]
  • Needs Assessment

    We have provided some points to consider or questions to ask of yourself or your loved one to help guide you in the right direction in terms of the most…   more ]
  • Safety-proofing Your Home for Alzheimer's Care

    Here are some things you can do - booth inside and outside the home to make it easier for a person with memory care issues to continue daily activities, to…   more ]


  • Memory Care - Costs

    Specialized memory care can be obtained in long term care homes and in private pay assisted living residences. In most long term care homes, a high percentage of residents suffer…   more ]


  • Memory Care - Regulation

    Memory care is regulated, just like long term care or assisted living are regulated. Because the service is delivered in a setting that already falls under provincial regulation, this type…   more ]