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Long term care is for people who are unable to remain at home, can no longer live independently or in a supportive living situation and who require high levels of care, including nursing care.


Services provided are accommodation, including housekeeping, usually on a daily basis, laundry - both linen and personal, meals services, three times daily, refreshments and snacks.  The provicial governments typically fund the care portion - assistance with many of the activities of daily living, including personal care - help with personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, grooming, oral care, foot and nail care, help with eating if needed, nursing supervision, skilled medical and nursing care.


They offer social programming and on-site physiotherapy on an individualized basis or in a group setting based on residents’ needs, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy.


Nursing homes may have falls prevention and management program to reduce the incidence of falls and the risk of injury, a skin and wound care program to promote skin integrity, prevent the development of wounds and pressure ulcers, and provide effective skin and wound care interventions, a continence care and bowel management program to promote continence and to ensure that residents are clean, dry and comfortable and a pain management program to identify pain in residents and manage it.

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