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  • Supportive Living

    View the list of Independent Supportive Living providers by city in the province of your choice: British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador  …   more ]
  • Supportive Living Services

    The services that seniors need and want most are social, nutritional and housekeeping. This conclusion is based on over twenty years of experience in the senior housing industry and on…   more ]
  • A Change in Living Arrangements?

    Triggers that will generate a change from independent living: loss of mobility, even if it is temporary, it will trigger vulnerability and dependency issues.  It may create a lack of confidence…   more ]
  • Background to What Seniors Need and Want

    In performing our market research studies, we realized that senior housing is needs based. At the extreme end of the needs spectrum are those seniors who need ongoing care and…   more ]
  • Condos - What to know!

    It is often said that buying a condominium is buying a lifestyle.  With all of the new condo developments across the country it is important to know what kind of…   more ]
  • Nursing Home? Retirement Home? What's the Difference?

    Residential Choices, other than staying at home, range widely, from independent, age segregated apartments with minimal services, to progressively higher levels of services and supports, including care services in assisted…   more ]
  • The Full Spectrum of Senior Housing Choices

    The choices available in seniors’ housing include everything from living in your home, with home care, to progressively higher levels of support as we age.  Independent living  with minimal services…   more ]