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Life Lease Communities

  • Life-Lease Residences

    Life-lease residences are another form of ownership, or housing tenure.   They too can be considered a lifestyle choice - primarily for older adults. They are Independent Living.  Terminology varies and includes…   more ]
  • Condos - What to know!

    It is often said that buying a condominium is buying a lifestyle.  With all of the new condo developments across the country it is important to know what kind of…   more ]
  • Future Need for Senior Housing

    Determining the future demand for senior housing and care varies significantly when looking at the over 80 market as compared to the over 75 segment - both now and in…   more ]
  • Independent Living

    View the list of Independent Living providers by city in the province of your choice: British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Locate providers that offer Independent Living services in the province…   more ]