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After age 75, internet and broadband use drops off significantly.

The Pew Research Associates surveys into Older Adults and their Internet Usage, although based on a survey of Americans, may also be Canada's experience, although we tend to be earlier adaptors of this technology.


"Looking more closely at the “G.I. generation” (those who are currently ages 76 and older) reveals a starkly different reality. Internet adoption among this group has only reached 34% as of April 2012, and home broadband use has inched up to 21%.

Few among this oldest segment of the population are likely to start using the internet without some assistance and encouragement, according to Pew. In 2010, when non-users from the G.I. Generation population were asked if they felt they knew enough about computers and technology to start using the internet and email on their own, 68% said they did not feel confident enough and would need someone to help them get online.  

Perceived relevancy is also a major issue for this group, as 38% of non-users in the G.I. Generation population say that the main reason they don’t use the internet or email is that they’re “just not interested.” Only 4% of non-internet users in the G.I. Generation population said they would like to start using the internet and email in the future."


for a detailed look at the research see http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Older-adults-and-internet-use/Main-Report/Internet-adoption.aspx

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