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Hospice Care is the main focus of care when a cure for the illness is no longer possible. Hospice Care is usually provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, family and volunteers. The goal of the team is to ensure that the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both the client and their family are met. Typically, people do not enter hospice care until their final few months of life.

Residential settings are preferable and can include the family home, surrounded by family and friends.

In many instances, "home" can be in a retirement home, where staff are available 24/7.  To provide this type of care in your current home will require someone to present at all times - so if a partner or spouse is there, that is ideal, although more people - "the team"  that ensures that the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the client are met and that the team, which includes the family is similarly supported by the group.

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