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Given the choice, many, if not all of us would choose to die in the comfort of our own home, surrounded by family and friends.

And because Hospice Care is the main focus of care when a cure for the illness is no longer possible it is adaptable to the home.


Hospice Care is usually provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, family and volunteers. The goal of the team is to ensure that the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both the client and their family are met.

Hospices in Ontario offer many supportive care services from the point of diagnosis with a life threatening illness.  Printed resources, help and advice for you to share your situation with your family, children, work colleagues, and friends.  You can take part in support groups and in creative and therapeutic activities.  Hospices can help you in putting together a professional care team that meets your needs and supports the family and friends that care about you.  Whether it's the ill person or the family, getting the help you need and getting organized can be challenging but the resources are there.

Typically, people do not enter residential hospice care until their final few months of life.

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