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In Manitoba, there are a number of specific terms and programs used in Housing and Care for older adults - Supportive Housing and Companion Care 


Supportive Housing (in Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach and Oakbank), is for people who can no longer live independently, but are not ready for a personal care home.  It provides 24 hour personal support and supervision in a secure group community setting.  Residents must be assessed and are admitted through the long term care / home care case coordinator of the Regional Health Authority. 

The Regional Health Authority monitors facilities to make sure they meet standards, and covers the cost of the health staff.  Costs vary depending on the facility.  The resident pays for the rent and service package.  Residents may qualify for the Manitoba Shelter Benefit Program or the RentAid Program on the rent part of the fee.

Companion Care (in Winnipeg Only), is provided by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, which selects and monitors Companion Care providers who house seniors in their homes and provide support in daily living.  Services are similar to supportive housing. Residents must be assessed and admitted through the long term care / home care case coordinator of the Regional Health Authority.  Cost is a subsidized daily fee based on income.

Assisted Living Residences in Manitoba are licensed and are regulated under the Regional Health Authority for Supportive Housing and Companion Care and in the case of residential care by Manitoba Family Services and Labour.

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