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Assisted living residences are registered facilities that provide housing, hospitality services, and one or two prescribed services to three or more adults. 

Assisted living is a semi-independent form of housing that is regulated under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

The Act defines an assisted living residence as an innovative housing option for older adults who need help with daily tasks, but are able to live independently. This legislation provides a framework for establishing new assisted living residences to ensure the health and safety of all residents.  Assisted living embraces the concepts of resident choice, privacy, independence, individuality, dignity and respect. Residents, with the support of their families and case managers (where involved), determine with the operator the type of accommodation and services they require, all of which is confirmed in a residence occupancy agreement.

Prescribed services - established by regulation - may include:

• Regular assistance with daily activities such as eating, mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing and personal hygiene.
• Monitoring of food intake or therapeutic diets.
• Administering and monitoring the taking of medication
• Central storing or distribution of medications.
• Maintenance or management of residents' cash and valuables.
• Structured behaviour management and intervention.
• Psychosocial rehabilitative therapy or intensive physical rehabilitative therapy.

BUT, unlike other provinces, the "two" prescribed services are on a building,   not resident basis, so that a resident may not be able to "age in place" and will have to change residences.  This is an undesirable effect, robbing the senior of choice, and depriving him or her of the familiarity of friends, neighbours, care givers when they have to move.  The BC Senior Living Association recently submitted its Recommendations to Enhance and Promote Independent Living and Assisted Living for BC Seniors recommending that the prescribed services be applied on a resident basis

licensed community care residence (long term care) provides three or more prescribed services to residents.

The Act:


The Registrar’s mandate is to protect the health and safety of assisted living residents.

The registrar administers the assisted living provisions of the Act, which require assisted living operators to register their residences and meet provincial health and safety standards

To do this the registrar administers the registration of all assisted living residences in British Columbia, whether they are publicly subsidized or private-pay, establishes and administers health and safety standards, policies and procedures, ensures timely and effective investigation of complaints about the health and safety of assisted living residents, has authority to inspect residences if there is a concern about the health or safety of a resident.  It refers issues that are not within the registrar’s jurisdiction to the appropriate authorities.

For a list of registered assisted living residences refer to http://www.health.gov.bc.ca/assisted/locator/index.php/displaycommunity/index

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