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In Ontario, assisted living is called retirement care or assisted living. 

And refers to the provision of housing and services that allow residents to age in place a retirement home with light to medium supports before having to move to a nursing home or long term care home. 

In this way, services bridge the gap and are the in-between choice of independent supportive living and long term nursing care.

Individuals are able to direct their own care, in separate, self contained units. (They are cognitively capable and have the ability to make informed, voluntary decisions regarding their care needs and living arrangements or are living with a spouse / partner that is able to do so).

In addition to the basic security and safety, meals, social activities and housekeeping offered in an independent supportive living residence, assisted living services typically include personal assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, washing, hygiene, eating, gentle reminders, help with taking medication and wayfinding for those with mild Alzheimers disease or dementia.  Nursing services are usually provided. 

Care is often provided in a designated section of a Retirement Home.

Ontario's assisited living is accessed directly to the retirement home of your choice.

The accommodation and service costs are private pay and are not subsidized and are required to be diclosed by way of a CHIP document - the Care Home Information Package.  There is a Residents' Bill of Rights and the accommodation portion of the rent are under rent control.


More About Assisted Living in Ontario, licensing, regulations, rent control, Resident Rights, complaints line and other.....

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