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  • More About Assisted Living in Alberta

    Assisted living in Alberta is both private pay and government funded (in "Designated Assisted Living"). Costs to residents are market driven and, in the case of “Designated Assisted Living” are…   more ]
  • More About Assisted Living in British Columbia

    Assisted living residences are registered facilities that provide housing, hospitality services, and one or two prescribed services to three or more adults.  Assisted living is a semi-independent form of housing…   more ]
  • More About Assisted Living in Manitoba

    In Manitoba, there are a number of specific terms and programs used in Housing and Care for older adults - Supportive Housing and Companion Care    Supportive Housing (in Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach…   more ]
  • Regulation of the Retirement Home Industry

    Retirement Homes are private pay residences that provide care and housing to older adults and meet the need for those who are not frail enough for a long term care…   more ]
  • What is Assisted Living

    View the list of Assisted Living providers by city in the province of your choice: British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador    …   more ]