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The cost of assisted living services depends on the extent of the services needed.  There is a wide divergence in costs across the country.  A number of government initiatives provide some funding for these services.  British Columbia and Alberta have partnered with the private sector to both build additional capacity and fund some of these services.

The services needed to ensure a residents health, safety and quality of life can be extensive.  See Assisted Living Services.  That’s why you need to assess your current needs and anticipate what else you may need to see if those service are available or offered by a provider.

When choosing this level of service, a provider usually discloses the accommodation and separately, the services parts of the rate.  Recent trends in senior housing have seen an "unbundling" of services.  This has allowed providers to more effectively compete on price, but has added confusion for the older adult when doing a comparison shop of buildings that offer different accommodation and varying services, some bundled, others at all inclusive rates.

Basic services in an assisted living setting - meals, social and housekeeping are required and usually part of the basic package, similar to an independent supportive living rate.  Assisted living services customarily add $850 to $1,000 or more per month.  Services can be à la carte - meaning you purchase what you need from a list of services, which are based on the time and level of professional services needed.  Many times, providers will put together or "bundle" a group of services and provide “assisted living packages” at $250, $500, $750, or $1,000, for example, each level increasing with the related need.

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