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"Affordable" assisted living is an oxymoron because the higher cost of services both in hours as well as the higher level of professional staff needed result in additional costs that vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month, all depending on the level of care needed.

Alberta has, in our view, a very progressive view on providing "Affordable Assisted Living".  British Columbia similarly has a number of funded assisted living suites.

Under this program, which is a partnership between Alberta Health and both private companies and not for profit organizations, Alberta Health&nbsp supports and pays for the personal support and care needs of residents, and residents pay only for affordable daily accommodation and meal services, or “room and board”

It is affordable for virtually everyone because Alberta Health provides capital grants for the development of units in retirement homes and because it pays for the care.  But like all government funded initiatives, access is only gained through physician referral and by assessment and approval by "Community Care Access Centres".   That means potentially limited access, depending on availability.

There are three levels: SL-3, which is care provided by Health Care Aides, or Personal Support Workers (PSW's), SL-4 , a higher level of support supplements aides and PSW's with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s). SL-4D is focused on Memry Carefor those suffering from Alzheimer disease, dementia and other cognitive frailties.  In all cases, 24-hour on site care - both scheduled and unscheduled care is provided and professional health and personal care is provided by the health care team that is comprised of Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and Therapeutic Recreation Assistants, and in the case of the higher level 4 care Registered Nurses are on call who visit regularly on site and is available on-call 24 hours a day.  

DAL is an excellent option for individuals with a wide range of needs including adults with disabilities and seniors with complex and significant care needs.  The term “designated” simply means it is operated in partnership with Alberta Health Services and a housing provider. 

For more complex needs long term care is available.


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