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  • The Cost of Assisted Living

    The cost of assisted living services depends on the extent of the services needed.  There is a wide divergence in costs across the country.  A number of government initiatives provide…   more ]
  • Affordable Assisted Living or Supportive Living

    "Affordable" assisted living is an oxymoron because the higher cost of services both in hours as well as the higher level of professional staff needed result in additional costs that…   more ]
  • Care and Service Plans

      A Plan of Care or Care Plan is, in essence, a road map that provides direction for individualized care to a person in an assisted living setting, and contains…   more ]
  • More on the Cost of Assisted Living

    Retirement home costs vary widely, depending on the accommodation and the levels of service you need or choose. The Room or Accommodation A resident rents a suite and lots of amenities…   more ]
  • Retirement Residences

    Is Retirement Home Living Right for You? “Retirement Homes” has become a generic term that refers to seniors’ congregate living.  It is typically associated with the provision of care and…   more ]