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Valleyview Community

2736 19 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2B 0A3  Map
Valleyview Community

Valleyview Community

On the inside: Half-bath in suite; shared bathing facilities on each wing. Shaw EXO WiFi in common areas. Dining room. Lounge and recreation areas on both levels. Tuck shop with pharmacy services through Apex. Call button system.

RGI: Singles start at 58%; Couples 66%.

In the Neighbourhood: Adjacent to Southview Centre strip mall on 17th Avenue (medical clinic, dentist, law office). Additional nearby commercial services on 17th Avenue (including Shopper’s Drug Mart, banks, “International Avenue”). Two blocks from Deerfoot 17 office building (medical, dentist, etc.).

Five-minute drive from Max Bell Centre and Deerfoot Park. One block from Bow Waters Canoe Club and surrounding parkland. Four blocks from Southview Community Centre. Ten-minute drive from Marlborough Mall (including Wal-Mart, Sears and nearby Safeway) and Inglewood. Near bus route.

Ownership / Sponsorship
Silvera For Seniors

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