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Simon Fraser Lodge Inc

2410 Laurier Cres, Prince George, British Columbia V2M 2B3  Map


At Simon Fraser Lodge, the service philosophy revolves around ‘person-centered care’ where the individual is at the core of work. The mission is to provide ‘exceptional resident care and service’ which is delivered through programs, services and the environment. Specifically, the Lodge provides a safe, gentle care environment that promotes personal health and independence. The Lodge works closely with the families and the community networks to ensure relationships are supported and needs are met as best as possible. Through a culture of safety and innovation, the Lodge continually looks for ways to improve and is open to input and involvement of others, where appropriate.

The building is a 2 storey wood frame structure with residential character and appeal. It was originally constructed in the 1950’s as a private hospital and subsequently expanded in 1992 with the addition of a special care unit and again in 2000 to add a transitional care unit. Recently, in 2010, the original private hospital was demolished and it has now been fully replaced which transformed Simon Fraser Lodge a fully modern and well appointed care environment. Refer to Types of Accommodation for further information on the nature of care services that can be accommodated.

Resident areas are designed to allow for smaller groups and gatherings. In each home space, there are common areas for dining & recreation. There is a central kitchen and laundry area that is accessed only by staff.
Optional services are available, if required, at a fee. These services include dentistry, chiropractor, hair salon services, etc.

Ownership / Sponsorship

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