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Hospice Orillia

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One day it happens; You have an annoying symptom you can’t quite shake – shortness of breath, a nagging pain, or even fatigue. After you’ve been poked, prodded and gone through numerous tests, a doctor sits you down and gives you a diagnosis. A diagnosis that changes your life.

While it happens every day in Canada – in fact, it happens numerous times a minute, it doesn’t happen every day to YOU. Regardless the disease – Alzheimer’s, COPD, Cancer or Parkinson’s, to name a few – the moment are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, you start trying to figure out what it means for life as you currently know it, and for your future.

This is the perfect time to contact us.

Many people think that hospice palliative care can only be accessed when all other treatments have been stopped. Or, they think that hospice care only happens in a specific building, or that the services are only offered to people with either AIDS or Cancer. In fact, hospice palliative care is available to patients from the moment of their diagnosis, through their illness, and it continues after an individual’s death to offer bereavement and grief support to their loved ones.

The aim of hospice care is to provide comfort and support to the whole person. The services offered by each Hospice are different, but the goal is the same – to make sure that people are focused on living with a disease, not on dying from a disease. It is up to each one of us to define what it means for us to be living, what brings life to our days.

Sometimes, knowing there is an end heightens the importance of how the game is played. There’s a lot to be processed and worked through. Whether it’s a hospice visiting volunteer providing a listening ear, a staff member explaining advance care planning, or team of people working together to create a video memoir for you to leave for your family, Hospice can help with that. Perhaps it means staying at home as long as possible, in your own surroundings. Hospice can help with that too.

Our mantra at Hospice is “It’s all about living.” And our desire, as hospice providers, is that you live until the moment you die.


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