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Heritage Village

100 Anna Russell Way, Unionville, Ontario L3R 6C7   Map

Heritage Village

Heritage Village was opened in 1980, on the quiet cul-de-sac, Anna Russell Way.  The 91 rental bungalows are affordable, one bedroom, self-contained units, built in clusters of four.  Each with a common foyer and laundry room and nestled in a park-like setting, with walk-outs to private patio. The complex is centrally located near the historic Main Street of old Unionville, close to shopping, restaurants, churches and is serviced by York Transit, bus route 522.  Each unit is provided with 2 appliances (fridge, stove), parking and grounds maintenance.

Seniors Housing Rentals

To be eligible to live in the Village, applicants must be at least 60 years of age.  Rent subsidies are available through York Region to qualified applicants.  Residents must be capable of independent living, however emergency and other supportive services are available through the Community Support Services.

The monthly rent as of July 1st 2012, is $1,045.00 inclusive of utilities and laundry facilities but excluding telephone and cable. There is a waiting list, the length of which can vary from year to year.  If you require rent-geared-to-income, please contact York Region Housing Department at www.york.ca or telephone, 1-905-830-4444.

In order to ensure that we have all the necessary information required, we request that you complete the application forms and return them to our office.  Please note that copies of your Canadian Birth Certificates, Canadian Citizenship Cards, Landed Status or Refugee Claimant documents must be provided. When this information is returned to our office, your name will be placed on our waiting list.

Ownership / Sponsorship

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