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Champlain Village of Cobden

15906 Highway 17, Cobden, Ontario K0J 1K0  Map

The Cluster Home Development is the result of the effort of the Champlain Village of Cobden to provide housing to persons 55 years of age and over in the Cobden area.

With the Cluster Homes concept, Champlain Village (CV) is using a new funding vehicle, in that no government funding or subsidies will be used or made available.

CV will provide, develop, and maintain the facilities on the CV complex site, but the occupants will provide the capital for construction. The monthly maintenance fee will include only costs related to maintenance, administration, and charges for operating expenses.

CV is committed to providing ongoing management services which should enable the occupants to enjoy their Cluster Homes, as well as the amenities offered by Logos Land Resort, in an independent lifestyle.


Ownership / Sponsorship

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