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Carefor - Richmond Care Home

27 Nixon Farm Raod, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0  Map
Carefor  - Richmond Care Home

Located in the heart of Richmond, Ontario the Richmond Care Home is a secure, state-of-the-art, 16-bed residential bungalow style retirement home which provides Carefor's renowned compassionate care to women with Alzheimers, dementia or other related disorders. The bungalow has purposefully been designed to facilitate and promote the independence, safety and comfort of our residents and to create an 'at home' feel for all of our residents.

The home was established privately in 2000 by a caring couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bosco, whom has worked extensively within the health care industry for much of their careers. In April 2008, Carefor proudly became the sole proprietor and operator of this innovative and essential retirement home. Today, this special retirement residence proudly serves the needs of families in Ottawa, Kanata, Richmond and surrounding areas.

A Typical Day

In the morning, the ladies wake up whenever they choose. Upon waking, our staff assist them with the tasks of getting ready for the day, aiding them with any personal care items they may need. After this, it's off to a home-cooked breakfast in the spacious dining room.

Lunch and dinner are prepared by our wonderful cook, and a variety of healthy food choices are always made available. Between meals, residents have the option to rest for a while, or participate in the many activities hosted at the home including cards, gardening, tea parties, crafts, walks along the beautiful grounds, and more.

Following dinner, residents may choose to spend their time with visitors, watching television, listening to music, or simply relaxing after a full, active and engaging day. There is no set bedtime, so residents have the option to choose whenever they wish to retire for the evening.

Please visit our Richmond Care Home website here to learn more about the home and the many services it offers. You can also contact the Home by phone at (613) 838-9356 or by e-mail at:  info@carefor.ca



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