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Carefor - Richmond Care Home

27 Nixon Farm Raod, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0  Map
Carefor  - Richmond Care Home

The Richmond Care Home is a unique retirement home dedicated to the care of women with dementia.  Our aim is to enhance the lives of our residents by providing compassionate nursing care and personal support in a residential setting.

Although it is a secure facility, the RCH is designed to help residents feel as though they are living at home. The living room, kitchen and dining area all have a home-like décor; staff are encouraged to wear regular clothes as opposed to scrubs or uniforms; and days remain unstructured—residents wake, go to bed and participate in activities as and when they please.  We provide a level of care, compassion, friendship and love that makes this a place like no other.

RCH Services:

  • Sixteen bedrooms, each with a private bathroom
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Medication management
  • Individual care plans
  • Personal care assistance and direction
  • Nutritious home-cooked meals
  • Spacious and secure outdoor space


A potential RCH resident will undergo an assessment to ensure that we will be able to meet her medical, personal care, psychological and social needs. Residents are:

  • Female
  • Aged 55 years or older
  • Confirmed to have dementia; experiencing mild to severe memory loss
  • Ambulatory
  • Able to feed herself and manage some self-care with assistance

We are not able to accept applicants who exhibit a pattern of aggressive behaviour or who have acquired traumatic brain syndrome. As part of the admission process, our home staff will create an individualized care plan and daily activity routine.

To learn more about the RCH or to arrange a tour, please contact us.

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Carefor Health & Community Services
Accreditation Canada AC

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