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Bow River Homes

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~Rent Supplement Program
BVRH administers this program in our Region on behalf of the province.
This is a Provincial program that provides eligible households with a supplement of up to $600 per month. This money is meant to offset the difference between a household’s rent and an amount equal to 30% of their gross income. For example a household that earns $1,500 per month but pays $800 per month in rent may receive $350 as a monthly supplement. ($800 – 30% of $1500 = $350).
Residents of social housing accommodation are not eligible for this program.
Eligibility is determined according to the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation of the Alberta Housing Act. This process includes the assignment of a point score, which measures the priority of need in order to determine the allocation of housing. In order to be eligible the household must currently score 32 points or more.
Applicants are awarded points based on:
Number of dependants;
Percentage of income going to rent and utility cost;
Eviction due to reasons other than a breach of the tenancy agreement;
Certain emergency situations including family violence;
Accessibility challenges or overcrowding of current accommodation;
Accommodation causing or aggravating serious health problems or that is unsafe;
Accommodation shared between families.
How Can I Get an Application for Rental Assistance?
Download application here
Call 403-678-5922 or Email us: info@bvrh.ca

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