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TheCareGuide.com, a premiere source that offers free information to seniors on elder care and housing solutions, has begun distribution of its guide for the 2016 year. The print guide is distributed free of charge and serves as a directory and reference material for elder care options.

Over 125,000 copies of the guide were distributed across Ontario in 2014, serving an estimated 25% of those over the age of 75.

"Many of the elderly, particularly over the age of 75, do not use the internet," observes Fred Schleich, President of TheCareGuide.com. "It is a disservice to not provide them with easily accessible print information for their retirement and home care options."

How the Care Guides are used depends on where they are distributed to. Libraries, pharmacies, churches, and day centres keep the material on-hand so that older adults and their families can have easy access to care information. Other institutes, such as Alzheimer Societies and hospitals, directly provide them to stressed caregivers who are in search of aid and housing for their loved ones. The Care Guide is also the official directory of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association.

"The premise behind the Guide is very simple," Schleich explains, "it provides a direct point of access for caregivers and the elderly to read about different care options along with articles targeted to their concerns and needs."

About TheCareGuide.com

TheCareGuide.com has served as information resource for elderly adults and their family members since 1996. Their directory and guidance articles cover the full spectrum of care options including home care, community support, retirement homes, independent supportive living, assisted living, memory care, long term care, and hospice. It remains a valued authority on how seniors can find the retirement care option best suited for their unique needs. More information on TheCareGuide.com and the Care Guide publication can be found at www.thecareguide.com.



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