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Long term care homes in Toronto and the rest of Canada work significantly differently than independent living, retirement, or assisted living communities, both in the purpose they serve and in how they are administered. Long term care homes are for those seniors who have advanced medical needs and require regular medical assistance and/or supervision. This includes advanced illnesses, surgical wound dressings, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and other therapies.

Living in a Long Term Care Home

Long term care homes have changed in recent years, particularly with the new design standards that were ushered in when 20,000 new beds were developed in the early 2000s; however, many older homes will still have to be redeveloped. Residents of these homes are less active and engage in fewer activities due to the physical and/or dementia-related challenges they may be experiencing. There are community areas and opportunities for residents to entertain themselves, mingle, and even go outside.

Accessing a Long Term Care Home

In Canada, long term care homes are run by the government and access is controlled by community-care access centres or Health Regions. Limited government funding to build new beds and population growth has put pressure on demand for long term care homes. Recent changes to regulations in Ontario have limited access to the most frail, which has eased pressure on this limited supply of beds and rooms. Often, access requires being on a wait list, during which time applicants may have to reside at an assisted living home, at the hospital, or with a family member. However, exceptions may be made in cases of very frail individuals. Long term care homes are not necessarily permanent arrangements either. For instance, sometimes a hospital will discharge a patient to a long term care home as a way for them to recover or rehabilitate before going home.

Costs of a Long Term Care Home

The rates of a long term care home are regulated by the government and are fairly uniform across the country. Ward accommodations will cost around $56.00 per day, going up to $66.00 per day in the case of getting a semiprivate room. Private rooms are in shorter supply and higher demand and will be roughly $80.00 per day.

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