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Independent living for seniors is exactly what it sounds like. These are ideal for any senior who is in good health and can manage his or her own household. Some may offer a degree of extra security, more activities, and/or a shared community. Independent living communities exist purely to give senior citizens a place where they can live, socialize, and stay active.

Defining Features of Independent Living

Independent living communities in Toronto come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be subdivision complexes, others might be a series of apartments in just one building, they may be a collection of townhouses, or they could be a set of single-resident bungalows. Regardless of how they are arranged, most independent living communities will have the following in common:

Residential Amenities

The exact amenities available will vary from location to location, but some general examples include libraries, arts-and-crafts rooms, computer rooms, exercise rooms, sitting rooms, or game rooms.


In addition to the leisure options provided by their own amenities, independent living communities often offer regular activities and programs in which residents can engage. Fitness sessions, movie nights, bingo or other games, and community outings are just a handful of examples.


Although independent living communities typically don’t feature meals and housekeeping services as regular supports, or offer the ability to age in place with care aides in the same manner as a retirement home, they may offer round-the-clock security and safety staff. This usually involves some system to ensure only authorized visitors are allowed in and a method for quickly summoning help to your apartment—usually an emergency pendant or phone.


Independent living residences are usually offered on a rental basis. The price will depend on the community's location, the amenities offered, and any other services that are provided. Some locations will allow you to purchase housing outright, though this is more common in life-lease, bungalow or townhouse arrangements.

How to Tell If Independent Living Is Right for You

Independent living arrangements are much more similar to your current living arrangement than other forms of senior accommodations are. They are ideal for any seniors who wish to enjoy the company of others around their age, desire a more hassle-free lifestyle, or want some extra security in their life.

It is important to remember that staff at an independent living community does not typically assist residents directly. They are mainly in charge of running activities, grounds maintenance, and security. It is assumed than independent living residents can take care of their own household and daily medical needs if any.

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