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When it's time for your loved one to slow down and let others care for them, one of the housing options to consider is assisted living in British Columbia. Your loved one, for whatever reasons, may be unable to take care of themselves in their family home. If they lost a spouse and can no longer handle housework alone, or if an injury, disability or illness has made it difficult for them to perform daily tasks, assisted living communities provide services to help. Here's what you should know before moving to assisted living in BC.

What Amenities/Services are Available in Assisted Living?


Assisted living communities are primarily a place where you or your loved one can receive help with the activities of daily living in a private suite that they can furnish with their own belongings. The benefit of an assisted living residence is that seniors can enjoy rental accommodation, plus a range of support services including the following.

Hospitality Services

The hospitality services offered in assistant living include three healthy meals each day, daily or weekly housekeeping and laundering, including personal laundry, social and recreational opportunities, a 24-hour emergency response system, and more. These services are designed to make living comfortable, positive, and safe.

Personal Care Services

Personal care services include assistance with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, washing, dressing, and administering medication, as well as services that are necessary for those who are unable to take care of themselves, whether it be because of an injury, illness, or other disability.

Cost of Assisted Living in British Columbia

The average monthly rent for assisted living units in British Columbia depends on the level of service, the location, and the unit size, with studio suites averaging from $6,000 to $7,000, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing’s 2019 Senior Housing Report. Subsidies are available in “funded” units at communities across the province and are intended to serve those with limited means. They are accessible through local health authorities, Check the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar for subsidized homes.

Legislation for Assisted Living in British Columbia

Before you choose an assisted living community in British Columbia, it is important to know what resources are available to you and your loved ones. There are government regulations in place that ensure the quality and comfort of assisted living homes. Here are a few laws and legislation you should be aware of:

  • Assisted Living Regulation
  • British Columbia Building Code Regulation
  • British Columbia Fire Code Regulation
  • Community Care and Assisted Living Act
  • Community Care and Assisted Living Regulation
  • Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation
  • Food Premises Regulation
  • Health Act
  • Health Act Communicable Disease Regulation
  • Personal Services Establishment Regulation
  • Sewerage System Regulation
  • Swimming Pool, Spray Pool, and Wading Pool Regulations

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