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With Canada's growing population of older adults, and fewer adult children able to look after them, it is a major growing concern for many that they find a comfortable and enjoyable place to retire. Independent supportive living in Toronto is a great fit for those who do not need personal support or care but would benefit from the many conveniences and a variety of activities and excursions to support a fulfilling an active lifestyle, supportive services such as housekeeping and laundry and dining options. Here are the top five benefits of independent senior living in Toronto and how you can choose the right community for you.

Active Lifestyle

There are numerous studies that show how maintaining an active lifestyle throughout retirement is essential to the overall health and wellbeing of seniors. Loneliness is one of the greatest contributors to poor health. At a retirement community, there are many activities that seniors can enjoy. Some examples include clubs, outings, social activities and exercise classes. From Aquafit to Tai Chi, you can take advantage of the many activities available at your retirement community.

Social Fun

Isolation and loneliness are growing concerns for today’s seniors. The reality is that as spouses and loved ones pass away and younger family members move on with their lives, it's easy to feel forgotten and alone. One of the benefits of moving into an independent living community is that you can make new friends with people who share similar interests. You can join book clubs, host movie nights, go shopping with friends, or enjoy the company of others during meals and relaxation time.

Peace of Mind

One of the most exciting aspects of choosing independent living is that you can have your chores taken care of while you spend your valuable time doing the things you love. Whether you want to learn a new skill, host a dinner for your family and friends, or stay active with your favourite sport, independent living offers seniors opportunities to have secure and fulfilling retirement years.

Ease and Convenience

There is great ease and convenience when living in an independent community. You won't have to worry about cooking, dishwashing, dusting, cleaning the floors, or shopping for groceries. You can also forget the days of paying separate bills for hydro, heating, Internet, property taxes, cable, etc. At an all-inclusive residence, everything can be taken care of so that you can enjoy your leisure time.


While there are many opportunities to stay social and make new friends, there is also privacy when desired. You can enjoy private living quarters. Even if there are activities going on, you can stay in your room and enjoy a good book instead. Your time is spent the way you want to.

Find the Right Independent Supporting Living Community for You

Finding the right independent supporting living community that meets your needs doesn’t have to be complicated. At TheCareGuide.com you will find ideas for retirement homes that suit you, valuable information to help you make the right choice, and checklists to take with you as you visit different options. More information and advice on senior care and living solutions can be found by contacting us at 1-800-311-CARE or info@thecareguide.com.

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