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Although Burlington is not as large as its major city neighbours Toronto and Hamilton, it is still known across the country as one of the best places to retire in Canada. A high doctor-to-resident ratio, beautiful natural places to discover, and a number of excellent assisted-living homes are in Burlington. If you’re considering senior care in Burlington, here are some things to look for as well as a list of residences available to you.

What to Look for When Choosing Senior Care in Burlington

guidance for seniors and their familiesWhen you are choosing an assisted-living residence, there are three main aspects to ask questions about: the staff, residents, and residence. The staff should make time to speak to you, appear genuinely friendly and interested, greet and interact with residents in a friendly and warm way, and handle emergencies in a professional manner. Residents should appear happy, enjoy socializing, be approachable, and there should be hobbies and groups on site that interest you or your senior loved one. As for the residence, it should be clean, provide housekeeping often, be safe and secure, have bathrooms that are easily accessible, and have a variety of food options.

The overall environment should be a pleasant place to visit. Does it feel like a home? Does the residence provide activities that interest you? Does it serve heathy food? Are problems handled well? Is the residence in compliance with local licensing requirements? Be sure to do your research thoroughly and shop around before choosing the home for your aging loved one.

Options for Assisted-Living Facilities in Burlington

Here is a list of assisted-living homes in Burlington, Ontario, for you to visit and choose from:

Get Advice from The Care Guide

TheCareGuide.com is an online repository of information and guidance for seniors and their families that has been providing insights into elder care and housing solutions since 1996. Our guide can be used to help determine the best living and housing options for you or your loved ones and can offer important advice on how to successful make the transition into a senior living arrangement. If you’re considering assisted living in Burlington for yourself or your loved ones, more information and advice is available when you contact us at 1-800-311-CARE (2273) or info@thecareguide.com.

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