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One of the biggest challenges is talking to our parents about senior living options particularly if one or both are having health related issues, or difficulty in maintaining their home. While some seniors look forward to kicking back and enjoying life in a retirement community, others are extremely resistant to leaving their family home and way of life. How do you communicate your concerns to them without getting a negative reaction? How can you respect their wishes while also ensuring they stay safe? Here are some tips on talking to your aging parents about assisted living in Toronto.

Explain the Options Available

It may be helpful to remind your parents that there are different options available—from independent living, with meals, social and housekeeping supports to getting help with additional services as their needs increase. Show them brochures, take them on tours of different homes, and provide them with websites and information to answer their questions. Keep them involved in the decision-making process. Giving them a sense of control and showing them that they have a say in where they live will go a long way.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

One of the best ways for you to help your parents consider moving to a retirement home is by starting the conversation early. You can make the topic easier to approach by leading with your own long-term care wishes or sharing a story about someone who is in a similar situation. It may help to remind your parents in a subtle way that moving into a retirement community that offers assisted living is completely normal and common. Get a feel for what features of a retirement home they are interested in. Keep the lines of communication open by listening to their interests and needs.

Talk about Their Future Plans

You may know how a retirement community can benefit your parents, but they may need to visualize their life there as well. If they are focused on the fears of leaving their long-time home, it may help to shift their perspective to the future. During your conversations with them, ask them about their future and what their hopes are for a fulfilling retirement. Then, show them how retirement communities can meet these needs, and offer even more.

Involve Your Siblings and Family Members

If you have siblings or close family members that your parents trust, speak with them first about their opinions for assisted living for your parents. Once you have all come to an agreement about how, when, and where you would like to begin the conversation, you can take that step forward. It may be best to speak to your parents individually first, to prevent them from feeling attacked, then, if they need a bit more persuading, schedule a group meeting. It may be a great conversation to bring up during an enjoyable family dinner when the mood is light.

Find the Best Senior Living Community for Your Parents

When looking for the best senior living community for your parents, you want to choose a place that offers the services and level of care they need. Whether they need assisted living services or want a more independent living situation, there are options for you. At TheCareGuide.com, we’ve helped many people find the best living and housing options in their area and have offered valuable advice on how seniors can successfully make the transition into a senior living arrangement. For more information, visit our website or contact us at 1-800-311-CARE or info@thecareguide.com.

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