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Care Planning Partners is a Canadian owned and operated consulting and research company that has gathered information about senior housing and service providers in Canada in its consulting work since 1993. We have served all major providers across Canada. We know the industry!

But despite ongoing research and our best efforts, information changes all the time. And while you can’t move a building, services change, new additions are made, staff contacts change.

So, many of you, even if you've not yet become a paid Advertiser, can simply call 1-800-311-CARE (2273) or 416-287-CARE (2273), or e-mail Linda at linda@thecareguide.com and we can make the necessary updates.

What will you do with my Advertising information?

Your information is stored in our secure database and is posted in your InfoListing in order to inform seniors' and their families of the services you offer.

What if the information for my service changes?


Advertisers can maintain their listing information online in real time.

Upon becoming an online advertiser with TheCareGuide.com, you will be sent an email with your secure password protected login information and detailed instructions on how you can update:

  • your listing/contact information
  • the professional associations you are a member of
  • your listing image
  • or add a photo gallery of your facility
  • the types of accommodations you offer
  • the specific amenities available to your clients
  • the services you provide - both full and partially-funded options
  • promote special evants in your area
  • check your visitor history
  • change your user name and password
  • preview your listing once you have made changes



Simply log in using the Provider Login located in the purple bottom navigation bar of every page throughout TheCareGuide.com and make changes to your provider profile at any time.

We at the Care Guide are also available to help walk you through the updating process should you require help.

Can I announce events within my listing?

As a paid advertiser, you can notify seniors and their families of upcoming events. Simply log in to access your InfoListing and update the 'Events' area of your InfoListing.

How can I get a Virtual Tour linked on TheCareGuide.com?

The Care Guide offers you the ability to link to your Virtual Tours an excellent way to increase your residence occupancy rates. Simply login to access your InfoListing and update the 'Virtual Tour' area of your InfoListing. For information purposes, the above link is a Google offering used by one of our clients.

How can I get a photo gallery on TheCareGuide.com

As an alternative to Virtual Tours, you can also include a full photo gallery of the rooms and areas both inside and outside of your residence, or post pictures of the events you host as part of your marketing efforts.

Why host a photo gallery at TheCareGuide.com?

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Recent statistics show that pictures on an internet listing make them more interesting and appealing and increase viewer attention by more than 30%.

They allow for a "preview" of the residence or your service, so that consumers can put your residence on their preferred list.

It allows people that may not be physically situated in your market area the opportunity to search "remotely" for themselves or their loved ones.

If you've not yet become a paid Advertiser, simply call 1-800-311-CARE (2273) or 416-287-CARE (2273) and one of our representatives can make the necessary changes to your current listing.


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